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tree-modlysMany companies in Bornholm face common challenges and opportunities; together they would be capable of more than they are individually. The common challenges and opportunities that cluster cooperation can influence are found both inside and outside of Bornholm.


Access to new knowledge and new markets

By cooperating with other companies and knowledge institutions in Bornholm, you gain access to new knowledge, new perspectives and a new network. This knowledge and network can increase the competitiveness and innovativeness of your company, while opening up markets outside of Bornholm.


Access to synergies and economies of scale

It's all about considering every perspective and being open to how neighbouring companies can potentially strengthen your business. For example, via the synergies and economies of scale, you both can achieve your objectives by taking advantage of each other's business network on the island and beyond.


Access to qualified labour

By cooperating with knowledge institutions and other companies, you gain the opportunity to ensure that the right training and qualification programmes are available to existing and potential employees.


Access to political influence locally

There is a greater chance of your voice being heard in the local political decision-making process if it represents multiple companies from the same industry.


Access to valuable advisory services

The partners behind the Cluster Project, Business Link Greater Copenhagen and Business Center Bornholm, offer participating companies competent advisory services and sparring based on concrete business know-how.



Stay abreast of developments within the Bornholm clusters and keep up to date with how the project is progressing.


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