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What is a cluster?

Træ Modlys


A lot of things have been said and written about clusters. In its original sense, a business cluster is characterised by physical proximity and a geographical concentration of businesses, authorities and knowledge institutions all working together towards targets they share.


In an international context, the concentration of companies and knowledge institutions in Bornholm is naturally low. However, there are many good reasons for working with clusters in Bornholm, where we have a pragmatic approach to cluster development; the most important objective is growth is the short- and long-term.


Cluster development in Bornholm

Therefore, in Bornholm we see a cluster as a group of companies, knowledge institutions, public organisations and business organisations working together in a mutually binding cooperation. For companies, these mutual relations provide development of shared competencies, which enable them to increase their competitiveness and generate greater employment than similar companies operating in isolation.


The clusters are dynamic. Some appear while others fade out when they have served their purpose. It only makes sense to maintain a cluster cooperation as long as it contributes to the objective of creating growth and results on the bottom line.


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